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Camping doesn't have to include sleeping on the ground!

Enjoy nature in comfort with our on-site rental unit.

RV2 kitchen and living room

Heat and AC allow you to escape from the elements while on your outdoor vacation.

RV1 Kitchen

Trailer has a fully equipped kitchen.

RV1 Living room

Spacious living room.

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Sorry, we do not have a rental RV at this time

Our rv has gotten a bit long in the tooth and even though it is still in good shape we have decided to stop using it as a rental. We are currently looking into purchasing a new RV to rent and we will update this page with details when we know more.

We are offering our trailer at a very low price to anyone who would be interested in taking it with a seasonal site. Due to the laminate flooring that was put in several years ago, it can NOT be moved to a different site without substantial work done. It is located on site R2 on our map. Fo more information about this offer, please call us at (908) 496-4333 or email us at

For reservations or more information call us during business hours at:
(908) 496-4333 or 1-800-545-9662

November to Late April: Thursday thru Sunday,
9:30am - 5pm.
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays

Late April to October: Sunday thru Thursday, 9am - 6pm.
Friday & Sat, 9am - 9pm.

Camp Taylor Campground 85 Mt Pleasant Rd Columbia, NJ 07832

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General Rules and Guidelines

  • Quiet hours from 11pm - 9am
  • You must be a registered camper or wolf watcher to be on the premises. We do not permit day visitors or picnickers.
  • Minors must camp with a parent or guardian. ID may be requested.
  • Campground boundaries are clearly marked. Do not trespass.
  • Do not cut or deface any trees, shrubs or rocks.
  • Do not remove any plant or animal life.
  • No firewood can be brought onto the campground from any outside source.
  • No firewood shall be removed from any campsite.
  • You may collect naturally fallen wood from within the campground.
  • Do not move fireplaces or build additional ones.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Trespassing on other campsites is prohibited.
  • Please keep your site clean and free of litter.
  • Do not put glass or cans in the fireplace.
  • Recycling is NJ state law. Recyclables found in trash or fireplace subject to a minimum $25 fine.
  • Deposits must be received no later than 5 business days after reservations are made.
  • Deposits are non refundable.
  • RV Rental deposits are transferable to a date later in the season with a minimum 21 days notice.
  • Only the number of persons reserved for will be permitted on a site.

Bathrooms complete with tub and shower.